The decision to rejoin a company is often a momentous one, carrying with it the promise of fresh opportunities, growth, and the potential for a renewed sense of purpose. In this exclusive interview, we reconnect with Markus Lackermann, Head of Global Supply Chain Management (SCM) Recruiting, who recently rejoined our team. Markus shared with us his experience and insights about rejoining CAMELOT.

Thank you, Markus, for your time. We are happy to welcome you back. Can you provide some context about your background and your initial association with CAMELOT?

Certainly, my previous tenure at CAMELOT spanned nearly a decade. I first joined CAMELOT in 2011 and stayed here till 2021. Subsequently, I left CAMELOT to explore opportunities elsewhere, only to return in 2023 as the Global SCM Recruiting Lead and it was a remarkable journey of growing from a Senior Recruiter to Head of Global SCM Recruiting.

Thank you for sharing that! If you could tell us, what did you do after you left CAMELOT, and how do you look back on your departure?

After leaving CAMELOT, I had a brief stint as Recruiting Lead with another consulting firm, afterwards, I ventured into a startup in quantum technology where I had to build a recruiting team from scratch as Lead Talent Partner. Although I enjoyed my time away, I didn’t think twice when I was approached by CAMELOT. It was a testament to the appreciation I received here, and that’s why I chose to return.

That sounds very appreciative indeed. But is there a specific reason why you decided to return to CAMELOT? How did the idea come about? Was there anything you missed most about CAMELOT?

During my time away with other organizations, I came to realize that I missed the camaraderie and the professional, amicable atmosphere at CAMELOT. When the opportunity to return presented itself, I didn’t hesitate. The exceptional people and the strong bonds I had formed during my previous tenure were the key factors that drew me back. The professional relationships I had built remained intact even after my departure. The colleagues I have worked with before have consistently maintained high standards of quality assurance. To be honest, I had a clear understanding of what to expect upon my return. While my previous engagements were relatively short-term, I aspire to contribute to CAMELOT for the next decade. Given the strong relationships I’ve built with the remarkable individuals here, the prospect of the next 10 years seems not only realistic but also quite promising.

And that sounds not only promising but also very motivating. Could you tell us more about your current role? Have you joined the same team? You already gave a hint that your responsibilities have changed.

I came back to CAMELOT with a lot of enthusiasm and experience. In the same team, but with different team members. And yes, my role has evolved as I am now the Recruiting Lead for one of our biggest and most successful consulting lines. I am currently still in the process of re-engineering processes that will further improve the candidate’s experience and thus add value to the organization. For, e.g. I have already implemented coffee chats with candidates in addition to interviews, I have introduced so-called power hours for my team to work together on various projects and to have the opportunity to interact regularly while working from home, and we have also intensified collaboration with the different business units and stakeholders. And there is more to come.

A big thank you for your efforts. Please, tell us, how was your first day after your return?

My first days back at CAMELOT were overwhelmingly positive. I received a warm welcome and was quickly immersed in the organization’s processes, systems, and specific tools. The support and positivity I encountered from colleagues, not only within HR and my team but also from other departments, was remarkable. Before officially rejoining, I had the opportunity to attend an event, which allowed me to network with colleagues again. The positive reception was heartening. Despite some operational changes within the organization, the team spirit and CAMELOT culture remained intact. Overall, I have a very positive feeling about coming back.

Great to hear that you had a very warm welcome at CAMELOT! In your experience, what is the greatest advantage for both the employer and employee when it comes to rejoining a company?

The advantage of coming back is that both the employer and employee know what to expect from each other. While there may have been adjustments in the company’s strategy, vision, and mission, during the time away from the organization, the familiarity eases the process. Rejoining is beneficial for both sides; a returning employee can contribute quickly and effectively. It’s a collaborative relationship built on trust.

What advice would you offer to professionals considering rejoining CAMELOT or contemplating joining the organization for the first time?

I would emphasize that CAMELOT’s culture is defined by collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. If these values align with your own, you’re in the right place. Furthermore, keep an eye on CAMELOT’s unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies. It’s an exciting environment for those passionate about value chain management and digital transformation.

If you’ve been a part of CAMELOT before, there’s no better time to reconnect and continue your journey with us. Your expertise and experience are not just valued; they’re celebrated, and there’s no doubt that the road ahead holds immense promise for both you and our organization. Welcome back to CAMELOT – where your future is as bright as your ambitions.

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CAMELOT CAse Study Brenntag NOrth America: People-focused MDM Transformation

Case Study Brenntag North America: Transformation Analytics

The MDM project at Brenntag North America followed a people-focused transformation approach, helped along by insights based on data from transformation analytics.

Download: People-Focused MDM Transformation

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